ADS On Demand FAQ’s

What is ADS On Demand?
ADS On Demand (AOD) is an on-call, overnight ad design service to create ads for you – for print or Web – when you’re short
on staff due to vacations, illness, etc. or if you just need help getting more spec ads out.

What is the cost of the service?
The cost of print ads is based on the modular size of the ad, whether it is ≤ ¼ page; ¼ ≤ ½ page; ½ ≤ ¾ page or ¾ ≤ full page
and also whether it has the additional complexity of being a multiple listing ad, ie. grocery, auto, real estate, etc. Each ad is
billed, regardless of whether it is sold. There is no monthly fee or commitment. Ad totals are cumulated and billed monthly.
The cost of Web ads is based on the format required and whether it’s static, animated or interactive. Call Metro Client Services
or your Sales Rep at 800-223-1600 for the specific rates.

Can I try the service first?
Yes. We offer a two-week training period in which you can submit 5 print and 5 Web ads at no charge to get a feel for the
procedure, quality and turnaround time. The training period starts when the first ad is submitted. Call Metro Client Services at
800-223-1600 to get started.

Is there any commitment?
No. You pay by the ad and there is no monthly fee or minimum requirement so you can use the service when you need it and
don’t have to pay anything when you don’t.

Can we share a password?
No. We prefer that each person uses his/her own password so in case we have any questions regarding the request, we know
who to contact. If you need a password, you can call Metro Client Services at 800-223-1600

How do I submit an ad request?
Log into with your MCC username and password and fill out the Web-based form with the details
of your ad.

Where do I get the “job number” that it asks for on the online form?
This is a number that you will assign; it can be letters, numbers or a combination. You can use an internal number or name or
make one up; just be sure that it is unique for every ad. If you send any additional materials for use in the ad or for reference,
please include that.

How do I make changes to an ad?
Any of the following ways:
• If you can indicate the changes clearly and easily in the text of an email, you can e-mail
• Print out the PDF, mark it up with changes, and fax it to 917-591-8530.
• If you have Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher, you can use the Comments & Markup Tools within Reader to indicate the changes
and e-mail the PDF back to

How long will it take to get the revised ad?
Revisions take about two hours. If revisions are submitted after 8:00 pm EST they may be delivered the following morning.

Is there a limit to the number of revisions for an ad?
No, there is not a limit nor an additional charge. (If the ad is “Released” and then changes are made because the advertiser is
re-running it, then there will be an additional charge.)

How do I get a high resolution PDF for print?
The PDFs that you work with for the revision process are low resolution so once you and your client have approved the ad, reply
back to the email and add the word RELEASE to the subject line and we will email you the high resolution PDF suitable for print.
Do not remove your job number from the subject line.

What if my client wants to run the same ad again, but make some changes?
You can fill out the form again with the new information or just e-mail or fax the ad to be changed (or at least reference the
job number) along with the needed changes and assign the changed ad a new job number. If the designers deem the changes
minimal, there will be a charge of 25% of the original ad cost.

Can I get the native files for a print ad?
If you would like us to send you the native file for all or most of your ads in addition to doing revisions for the ads, there will
be an additional fee of $25 per ad. If you would like us to send you the native files instead of the PDFs and you will do your
own revisions, there is no additional charge. If you need a native file for an ad every once in a while even if we’ve done
revisions for you, we can send it at no charge. Be sure to let us know in advance what format you will need; we use InDesign
CS2 and Quark XPress 7.3.

Can you do co-op ads?
Yes. Please supply us with the specific instructions required.

How do I view a Web ad?
Your e-mail will contain two links. Click the first link to view your Web ad in your Web browser. This is what it will look like on
your Web site. Click the second link to view a PDF that you can use to indicate changes.

How do I get the actual file (JPG, GIF, SWF) of my Web ad?
Reply to our e-mail with the approved version and add the word, RELEASE, to the subject line. Do not remove your job number
from the subject line.

What are the requirements for using the service?
Metro Service Requirements:
You need to be a subscriber to our Metro Newspaper Service with Enhanced access to MetroCreativeConnection.
Computer Requirements:
Firefox (Mac OSX or PC) or Internet Explorer (Mac OS9 or PC) for the option of uploading logos, etc. to
Adobe Reader 5.0 (7 or higher is preferred in order to use the commenting tools for ad revisions - optional)

Is there a way that I can view my previous ad requests?

Yes. When you are logged into the AOD Web site, click “Search” in the upper righthand corner. This will let you enter a date range
to search and it will bring up all of the requests that you submitted during that time. Just click “View” next to a request to view it.

Metroʼs Client Services team is available to answer any other questions you may have, as well as help train those on your staff who will be using ADS On Demand.
They can be reached at 800-223-1600 or by e-mail at

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