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Pulse Teasers + Ready-to-sell Sections

Pulse Teasers + Ready-to-sell Sections

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Wrap your ready-to-sell sections with Teasers to start the conversation and make the sale! Call 800-223-1600, or email us using the link on this page, to set up a demo!

Quickly increase special section ad revenue with Metro Templated Special Sections (TSS) paired with Pulse Teasers.

This program delivers complete ready-to-sell special sections for over 24 topics, along with data-driven Teaser sales presentations for over 500 business categories to instantly attract section advertisers.

Wrap Your Ready-to-Sell Section With a Teaser to Start the Conversation and Make the Sale! 

  • Get Specific Consumer Spending Data in Your Region for Hundreds of Advertisers
  • Use Geo Prospecting Tools to Create a Local Prospect List for Every Section Theme
  • Customize and Print a Teaser for Section Prospects in Less Than 15 Seconds
  • Show Prospects the Local Spending Opportunity You Can Help Them Capture

Click on the video above to view a 3-minute overview of the Pulse Teasers + Metro TSS program.

Save production time, attract more advertisers, and transform your special sections program into a rich and reliable revenue source with Pulse Teasers + Metro TSS. Get started today by calling 800.223.1600 or email us using the link on this page.