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Fully-templated Print & Digital Special Sections Overview

Fully-templated Print & Digital Special Sections Overview

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"I haven't seen so much enthusiasm in a long time. My sales staff is really pumped up, and some of them have been selling between $10,000 and $15,000 in each section!"
Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Florida

Now you too can get a complete, ready-to-sell special sections package for print and online — the ultimate combination you need to attract advertisers and readers, grow revenue, and expand your multimedia efforts.

PRINT TEMPLATED SPECIAL SECTIONS: Ready-to-present, sell & generate profits

If you want to increase ad sales revenue (and who doesn't?), while reducing the time it takes to bring a section from concept to final product, Metro's fully templated print special sections are a great solution with an exceptional return.

These beautifully designed, 24-page print templated sections come complete with eye-catching cover designs and page layouts filled with timely editorial content, dynamic imagery, and designated ad positions. All are available with or without in-position spec ads and a ready-to-go sell page. Two or three are available each month, which you can view and use online through its e-Edition or by downloading a PDF. Best of all, two coordinate with Metro's Mobile Responsive e-Sections, giving you a complete package to sell in combination, expanding your ad sales options and revenue.


  • Two or three complete 24-page, professionally-designed layouts
  • Templates available with or without complete spec ads
  • Initial advertiser prospect list suggestions
  • Downloadable PDF available for presentation
  • Online e-Edition for viewing and presenting
  • Marketing support materials, including a rate sheet and ads, to promote your sections to readers and advertisers


  • QuarkXPress® or InDesign® formats available
  • Ready-to-sell advertising opportunities in full-, half- and quarter-page increments
  • Completely customizable for black and white or combination printing requirements

MOBILE RESPONSIVE E-SECTIONS: Build digital advertising & audiences

If you want to expand digital advertising and audiences then Metro's mobile-responsive e-Sections are the answer. These timely and highly marketable themed online e-Sections are ready to sell and present live on your site. For a combination sales opportunity, two of the three monthly e-Sections coordinate with a print templated section's design and content. To assist in your sales efforts, print and online marketing materials are provided for each e-Section.


  • Three mobile responsive themed sites delivered each month
  • Sales support materials for each e-Section
  • Print and digital ads to promote your e-Section to advertisers and readers


  • Easy to co-brand
  • Ready-to-sell advertising opportunities
  • Easy to deploy with user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • Ability to add your own content
  • Easy to market and sell with multiple ad positions and sizes
  • Photo, video, social sharing, mapping and special offers options
  • Ability to customize title/name and images