Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

American Adventures Month

Back to School Month

Black Business Month

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Family Fun Month

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Maryland Renaissance Festival

National Catfish Month

National Children's Vision & Learning Month

National Crayon Collection Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Peach Month

National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness

National Traffic Awareness Month

National Water Quality Month

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Virgo , The Virgin (8/23-9/22)

What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Weekly Events

National Minority Donor Awareness Week
Aug 1st - Aug 7th

National Bargain Hunting Week
Aug 1st - Aug 5th

World Breastfeeding Week
Aug 1st - Aug 7th

Canada: Halifax International Busker Festival
Aug 1st - Aug 6th

Wisconsin State Fair
Aug 2nd - Aug 12th

Aug 2nd - Aug 12th

Sioux Empire Fair
Aug 3rd - Aug 11th

Canada: Agrifair
Aug 3rd - Aug 5th

Indiana State Fair
Aug 3rd - Aug 19th

National Scrabble Championship
Aug 4th - Aug 8th

International Assistance Dog Week
Aug 5th - Aug 11th

PGA Championship
Aug 6th - Aug 12th

International Clown Week Anniversary
Aug 6th - Aug 12th

US Women's Amateur (Golf) Championship
Aug 6th - Aug 12th

Exhibitor Appreciation Week
Aug 6th - Aug 10th

Great River Tug Fest
Aug 9th - Aug 11th

Iowa State Fair
Aug 9th - Aug 19th

Missouri State Fair
Aug 9th - Aug 19th

Illinois State Fair
Aug 9th - Aug 19th

State Fair of West Virginia
Aug 9th - Aug 18th

Aug 10th - Aug 18th

Elvis Week
Aug 11th - Aug 19th

Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo
Aug 11th - Aug 18th

US Amateur (GOLF) Championship
Aug 13th - Aug 19th

Kentucky State Fair (With World Championship Horse Show)
Aug 16th - Aug 26th

Milwaukee Irish Fest
Aug 16th - Aug 19th

Sun Prairie's Sweet Corn Festival
Aug 16th - Aug 19th

Machias Wild Blueberry Festival
Aug 17th - Aug 19th

Festival of the Little Hills
Aug 17th - Aug 19th

Western Idaho Fair
Aug 17th - Aug 26th

New York State Fair
Aug 22nd - Sep 3rd

Minnesota State Fair
Aug 23rd - Sep 3rd

Maryland State Fair
Aug 23rd - Sep 3rd

Oregon State Fair
Aug 24th - Sep 3rd

Nebraska State Fair
Aug 24th - Sep 3rd

Oregon Trail Rodeo
Aug 24th - Aug 26th

Colorado State Fair
Aug 24th - Sep 3rd

Be Kind to Humankind Week
Aug 25th - Aug 31st

United States Open Tennis Championships (US Open)
Aug 27th - Sep 9th

South Dakota State Fair
Aug 30th - Sep 3rd

Old Thresher Reunion
Aug 30th - Sep 3rd

England: The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials
Aug 30th - Sep 2nd

National Sweet Corn Festival
Aug 30th - Sep 3rd

Washington State Fair
Aug 31st - Sep 3rd

Woodstock Fair
Aug 31st - Sep 3rd

Eastern Idaho State Fair
Aug 31st - Sep 8th

Wisconsin State Cow - Chip Throw
Aug 31st - Sep 1st

Daily Events

National Girlfriends Day
Aug 1st

Diary of Anne Frank: The Last Entry: Anniversary, 1944
Aug 1st

The First Census: Anniversary, 1790
Aug 1st

Spider Man Debuts: Anniversary, 1962
Aug 1st

Respect for Parents Day
Aug 1st

US Customs: Anniversary, 1789
Aug 1st

World Wide Web: Anniversary, 1990
Aug 1st

World Lung Cancer Day
Aug 1st

National Coloring Book Day
Aug 2nd

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 2nd

US Virgin Islands National Park Established: Anniversary, 1956
Aug 2nd

National Grab Some Nuts Day
Aug 3rd

National Watermelon Day
Aug 3rd

National Coast Guard Day
Aug 4th

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Aug 4th

Obama, Barack H: Birthday, 1961
Aug 4th

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother: Birth Anniversary, 1900
Aug 4th

Single Working Women's Day
Aug 4th

National Mustard Day
Aug 4th

National Sister's Day/Sisters® Day
Aug 5th

Australia: Picnic Day
Aug 6th

National Fresh Breath Day
Aug 6th

Canada Civic Holiday
Aug 6th

Purple Heart Day
Aug 7th

National Night Out Day
Aug 7th

National Lighthouse Day
Aug 7th

National Dollar Day
Aug 8th

National S’mores Day
Aug 10th

Solar Eclipse
Aug 11th

National Garage Sale Day
Aug 11th

National Bowling Day
Aug 11th

Vinyl Record Day
Aug 12th

UN: International Youth Day
Aug 12th

International Left Handers Day
Aug 13th

Julia Child: Birth Anniversary, 1912
Aug 13th

National Relaxation Day
Aug 15th

National Fajita Day
Aug 18th

World Humanitarian Day
Aug 19th

National Radio Day
Aug 20th

Poet’s Day
Aug 21st

Virgo , The Virgin (8/23-9/22)
Aug 23rd

Kelly, Gene: Birth Anniversary, 1912
Aug 23rd

National Waffle Day
Aug 24th

National Park Service Founded: Anniversary, 1916
Aug 25th

Kiss and Make Up Day
Aug 25th

Moon Phase: Full Sturgeon Moon
Aug 26th

National Dog Day
Aug 26th

National Cherry Turnovers Day
Aug 28th

Hurricane Katrina Strikes Gulf Coast: 2005
Aug 29th

United Kingdom: Summer Bank Holiday
Aug 29th

National Holistic Pet Day
Aug 30th

National Trail Mix Day
Aug 31st

Diana Princess of Wales: Death Anniversary, 1997
Aug 31st

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