Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Dog Days of Summer

Herbal/Prescription Interaction Awareness Month

July is Free Community Paper Month

Leo, the Lion (7/23-8/22)

National Anti-Boredom Month

National Deli Salad Month

National Doghouse Repairs Month

National Grilling Month

National Horseradish Month

National Hot Dog Month

National Ice Cream Month

National Make a Difference to Children Month

National Park and Recreation Month

National Vacation Rental Month

National Watermelon Month

Smart Irrigation Month

Tour De France

Women’s Motorcycle Month

Weekly Events

Ten Thousand Crestonians
Jul 1st - Jul 4th

Halfway Point of 2018
Jul 2nd - Jul 2nd

The Championships at Wimbledon
Jul 2nd - Jul 15th

Newport Music Festival
Jul 4th - Jul 22nd

Canada Calgary Stampede
Jul 6th - Jul 15th

Spain: Running of the Bulls
Jul 6th - Jul 14th

Canada: 40th Harrison Festival of the Arts
Jul 7th - Jul 15th

Black Friday in July Week
Jul 8th - Jul 13th

Marion County Fair
Jul 12th - Jul 15th

Three Rivers Festival
Jul 13th - Jul 21st

Jul 13th - Jul 15th

Art Fair on the Square
Jul 14th - Jul 15th

Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
Jul 14th - Jul 15th

England: The Open Championship (British Open)
Jul 15th - Jul 22nd

US Junior Amateur (Golf) Championship
Jul 16th - Jul 21st

England: Farnborough International Airshow
Jul 16th - Jul 22nd

Captive Nations Week
Jul 17th - Jul 22nd

Snake River Stampede
Jul 17th - Jul 22nd

Jul 18th - Jul 22nd

Comic Con International
Jul 19th - Jul 22nd

Delaware State Fair
Jul 19th - Jul 28th

Yarmouth Clam Festival
Jul 20th - Jul 22nd

The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally
Jul 20th - Jul 22nd

North Dakota State Fair
Jul 20th - Jul 28th

Ohio State Fair
Jul 25th - Aug 5th

Oregon Brewers Festival
Jul 26th - Jul 29th

Montana State Fair
Jul 27th - Aug 4th

Daily Events

Zip Codes Inaugurated: Anniversary, 1963
Jul 1st

Canada Day
Jul 1st

National Postal Worker Day
Jul 1st

Amelia Earhart Disappears: Anniversary , 1937
Jul 2nd

First Solo Round the World Balloon Flight: Anniversary, 2002
Jul 2nd

Quebec Founded: Annniversary, 1608
Jul 3rd

Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
Jul 4th

Independence Day - July 4th
Jul 4th

"America the Beautiful" Published: Anniversary, 1895
Jul 4th

Declaration of Independence Approval and Signing: Anniversary, 1776
Jul 4th

Adams, John, and Jefferson, Thomas: Death Anniversary, 1826
Jul 4th

Bikini Debut: Anniversary, 1946
Jul 5th

Major League Baseball Holds First All Star Game: Anniversary, 1933
Jul 6th

Republican Party Formed: Anniversary, 1854
Jul 6th

Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Jul 6th

United Nations: International Day of Cooperatives
Jul 7th

National Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day
Jul 7th

Chagall Marc: Birth Anniversary, 1887
Jul 7th

National Sugar Cookie Day
Jul 9th

First Open Heart Surgery Anniversary: 1893
Jul 9th

International Town Criers Day
Jul 9th

Bahama's Independence Day
Jul 10th

United Nations: World Population Day
Jul 11th

National Simplicity Day
Jul 12th

Kiribati Independence Day: Anniversary 1979
Jul 12th

"Live Aid" Concerts: Anniversary, 1985
Jul 13th

World Cup Inaugurated: Anniversary, 1930
Jul 13th

National Motorcycle Day
Jul 13th

Collector Car Appreciation Day
Jul 13th

Ford, Gerald Rudolph, Birth Anniversary, 1917
Jul 14th

Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson "Woody": Anniversary, 1912
Jul 14th

France: Bastille Day or Fete Nationale
Jul 14th

National Woody Wagon Day
Jul 15th

National Ice Cream Day
Jul 15th

National Graham Cracker Day
Jul 15th

National I Love Horses Day
Jul 15th

Wells, Ida B: Anniversary, 1862
Jul 16th

National Tattoo Day
Jul 17th

World Emoji Day
Jul 17th

Major League Baseball All-Star Game
Jul 17th

National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
Jul 17th

Disneyland Opened: Anniversary, 1955
Jul 17th

Minimum Legal Drinking Age at 21: Anniversary, 1984
Jul 17th

Spanish Civil War Begins: Anniversary, 1936
Jul 17th

First Perfect Score in Olympic History: Anniversary, 1976
Jul 18th

Mandela Day
Jul 18th

Moon Phase: First Quarter
Jul 19th

National Daiquiri Day
Jul 19th

Riot Act: Anniversary, 1715
Jul 20th

Special Olympics Day: Anniversary, 1968
Jul 20th

National Women's Hall of Fame: Anniversary, 1979
Jul 21st

Aunties Day
Jul 22nd

National Hammock Day
Jul 22nd

Leo, the Lion (7/23-8/22)
Jul 23rd

First US Swimming School Opens: Anniversary, 1827
Jul 23rd

Cousins Day
Jul 24th

National Thermal Engineer Day
Jul 24th

Puerto Rico Constitution Day: Anniversary 1952
Jul 25th

National Hire a Veteran Day
Jul 25th

National Chili Dog Day
Jul 26th

Moon Phase: Full Buck Moon
Jul 27th

National Scotch Day
Jul 27th

National Dance Day
Jul 28th

National Day of the Cowboy
Jul 28th

National Chicken Wing Day
Jul 29th

NASA Established: Anniversary, 1958
Jul 29th

National Father-in-Law Day
Jul 30th

National Cheesecake Day
Jul 30th

U.S. Patent Office Opens: Anniversary, 1790
Jul 31st

National Avocado Day
Jul 31st

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