Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

AIDS Awareness Month

Bingo’s Birthday Month

Capricorn, The Goat (12/22-1/19)

Copy Of National Tie Month

National Human Rights Month

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

National Tie Month

National Write a Business Plan Month

Operation Santa Paws

Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month

Spiritual Literacy Month

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Weekly Events

Dec 1st - Dec 3rd

Dec 2nd - Dec 10th

Winter Begins
Dec 21st - Mar 19th

Dec 26th - Jan 1st

Daily Events

National Eat a Red Apple Day
Dec 1st

Rosa Parks Day
Dec 1st

UN: World AIDS Day
Dec 1st

Canada: World AIDS Day
Dec 1st

Xterra Trail Running World Championship
Dec 2nd

Special Kids Day
Dec 2nd

Safety Razor Patented: Anniversary, 1901
Dec 2nd

Special Education Day
Dec 2nd

National Mutt Day
Dec 2nd

United Nations: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Dec 3rd

Anniversary: Chase Calendar of Events, December 4, 1957
Dec 4th

United Nations: International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
Dec 5th

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Destroyed: Anniversary, 1917
Dec 6th

Everglades National Park Established: Anniversary, 1947
Dec 6th

National Pawnbroker’s Day
Dec 6th

Pearl Harbor Day: Anniversary, 1941
Dec 7th

Anniversary: 1979, National Fire Safety Council Founding
Dec 7th

United States Enters World War II
Dec 8th

Hollywood Beach Candy Cane Parade
Dec 8th

United Nations: International Anti-Corruption Day
Dec 9th

Petrified Forest National Park Established: Anniversary, 1962
Dec 9th

Green Monday
Dec 10th

First Grand Ole Opry Broadcast : Anniversary, 1927
Dec 10th

Human Rights Day
Dec 10th

United Nations: UNICEF Established: 1946
Dec 11th

United Nations: International Mountain Day
Dec 11th

Supreme Court Rules for Bush: Anniversary, 2000
Dec 12th

National Gingerbread House Day
Dec 12th

Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia: Anniversary, 1862
Dec 13th

National Day of the Horse
Dec 13th

Roast Chestnuts Day
Dec 14th

Moon Phase: First Quarter
Dec 15th

Bill of Rights Day, Anniversary
Dec 15th

Anniversary: Boston Tea Party
Dec 16th

Clean Air Act Passed by Congress: Anniversary, 1967
Dec 17th

Wright Brothers Day
Dec 17th

International Migrants Day
Dec 18th

Titanic Movie Release: Anniversary, 1997
Dec 19th

Sacagawea: Death Anniversary, 1812
Dec 20th

National Sangria Day
Dec 20th

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Film Premiere: Anniversary, 1937
Dec 21st

First Crossword Puzzle: Anniversary, 1913
Dec 21st

Underdog Day
Dec 21st

Moon Phase: Full Cold Moon
Dec 22nd

Dec 23rd

Transistor Unveiled: Anniversary, 1947
Dec 23rd

Metric Conversion Act: Anniversary, 1975
Dec 23rd

First Non Stop Flight Around the World without Refueling: Anniversary , 1987
Dec 23rd

Christmas Eve
Dec 24th

Dec 25th

Boxing Day (Canada & UK)
Dec 26th

Radio City Music Hall: Anniversary, 1932
Dec 27th

National Fruitcake Day
Dec 27th

Pledge of Allegiance Recognized: Anniversary 1945
Dec 28th

Capital One Orange Bowl
Dec 29th

YMCA Organized: Anniversary 1851
Dec 29th

Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Dec 29th

Establishment of the U.S.S.R.: Anniversary 1922
Dec 30th

New Years Eve
Dec 31st

First Nights
Dec 31st

Canada: First Nights
Dec 31st

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