Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

Western Pacific Hurricane Season

Aquarius, The Water Carrier (1/20-2/18)

Be Kind to Food Servers Month

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

Get Organized Month

International Creativity Month

National Be On-Purpose Month

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Mentoring Month

National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

National Poverty in America Awareness Month

National Radon Action Month

National Skating Month

National Stalking Awareness Month

National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Oatmeal Month

Weekly Events

Diet Resolution Week
Jan 1st - Jan 7th

National Western Stock Show & Rodeo
Jan 6th - Jan 21st

International Consumer Electronics Show
Jan 9th - Jan 12th

Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
Jan 12th - Feb 3rd

Healthy Weight Week
Jan 15th - Jan 19th

Australian Open
Jan 15th - Jan 28th

Canada: Vancouver International Boat Show
Jan 17th - Jan 21st

Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition
Jan 17th - Jan 20th

Sundance Film Festival
Jan 18th - Jan 28th

Wyoming Press Association Conference
Jan 18th - Jan 20th

Texas Press 2018: Midwinter Conference & Trade Show
Jan 18th - Jan 20th

Kidfilm® Festival
Jan 20th - Jan 21st

Sioux Empire Farm Show
Jan 23rd - Jan 27th

Zehnder's Snowfest (with Ice and Snow Carving Competitions)
Jan 24th - Jan 29th

Minnesota Press Association Convention
Jan 25th - Jan 26th

Seattle Boat Show
Jan 26th - Feb 3rd

Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo
Jan 26th - Feb 4th

IFPA Publishers & Manager Summit
Jan 26th - Jan 27th

Oregon Truffle Festival
Jan 26th - Jan 28th

Mississippi Press Association Mid Winter Conference
Jan 26th - Jan 27th

Rolex 24 at Daytona
Jan 27th - Jan 28th

National Catholic Schools Week
Jan 28th - Feb 3rd

National Cowboy Poetry Day
Jan 29th - Feb 3rd

Tennessee Press Association Winter Convention
Jan 31st - Feb 1st

Daily Events

Euro Introduced : Anniversary, 1999
Jan 1st

New Year's Day
Jan 1st

NHL Winter Classic
Jan 1st

Canada: Polar Bear Swim 2018
Jan 1st

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Jan 1st

Rose Bowl
Jan 1st

Moon Phase: Full Wolf Moon
Jan 1st

55 MPH Speed Limit Anniversary, 1974
Jan 2nd

Drinking Straw Day
Jan 3rd

Pop Music Chart Introduced: Anniversary, 1936
Jan 4th

National Spaghetti Day
Jan 4th

National Bird Day
Jan 5th

Twelfth Day (Night)
Jan 6th

Three Kings Day
Jan 6th

International Programmers' Day
Jan 7th

Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Jan 8th

National Joy Germ Day
Jan 8th

National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day
Jan 8th

England: Plough Monday
Jan 8th

National Apricot Day
Jan 9th

National Save The Eagles Day
Jan 10th

League of Nations Founding, Anniversary
Jan 10th

National Milk Day
Jan 11th

Canada: Sir John A. Macdonald Day
Jan 11th

"Designated Hitter" Rule Adopted: Anniversary, 1973
Jan 11th

Haiti Earthquake: Anniversary, 2010
Jan 12th

Folsom Prison Concert: Anniversary
Jan 13th

Ratification Day, U.S., 1784
Jan 14th

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
Jan 14th

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
Jan 15th

British Museum: Anniversary, 1759
Jan 15th

First Super Bowl: Anniversary, 1967
Jan 15th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (observed)
Jan 15th

US Surgeon General Declares Cigarettes Hazardous: Anniversary, 1964
Jan 16th

Civil Service Created: Anniversary, 1883
Jan 16th

Moon Phase : New Moon
Jan 16th

PGA of America Founded, 1916
Jan 17th

Benjamin Franklin: Birth Anniversary, 1706
Jan 17th

Robert E. Lee: Birth Anniversary
Jan 19th

Aquarius, The Water Carrier (1/20-2/18)
Jan 20th

Kiwanis International Anniversary
Jan 21st

National Hugging Day™
Jan 21st

Queen Victoria: Death Anniversary, 1897
Jan 22nd

National Handwriting Day
Jan 23rd

John Hancock Birth Anniversary, 1737
Jan 23rd

National Pie Day
Jan 23rd

California Gold Discovery: Anniversary, 1848
Jan 24th

National Compliment Day
Jan 24th

Belly Laugh Day
Jan 24th

First Televised Presidential News Conference: Anniversary, 1961
Jan 25th

First Scheduled Transcontinental Flight: Anniversary, 1959
Jan 25th

First Winter Olympics: Anniversary, 1924
Jan 25th

UN: International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
Jan 27th

Vietnam Peace Agreement Signed: Anniversary, 1973
Jan 27th

Senior Bowl 2018
Jan 27th

National Seed Swap Day
Jan 27th

National Chocolate Cake Day
Jan 27th

Pro Bowl 2018
Jan 28th

Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion, 1986
Jan 28th

National Blueberry Pancake Day
Jan 28th

National Have Fun at Work Day
Jan 29th

The Seeing Eye Established: Anniversary, 1929
Jan 29th

National Puzzle Day
Jan 29th

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day
Jan 30th

National Croissant Day
Jan 30th

First Social Security Check Issued Anniversary: 1940
Jan 31st

Tu B'Shvat
Jan 31st

Blue Moon
Jan 31st

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