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e-Connect Key Differentiators
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See how this multi-platform program can help you open doors to NEW business and ad revenue! Call 800-223-1600 or email us through the link on this page.

In today's rapidly changing environment, publishers need to be able to go out into the marketplace and prove that they have full-scale solutions for their customers' marketing and advertising needs. While publishers have always been expert at knowing their markets and their customers and communities, e-Connect gives them a unique program to help advertisers reach the right audience at the right time via the right media.

  • Metro e-Connect empowers publishers like you to produce profitable, multimedia marketing vehicles that drive business to advertisers' doorsteps.
  • Metro e-Connect is a complete, ready-to-implement, multi-platform advertising suite that enhances your ability to compete for advertising dollars and audiences by empowering advertisers to connect more effectively with their target consumers.
  • Online e-Sections, Specialty Websites and Marketplace Connection for online and mobile work independently or, better yet, in conjunction with any and all print efforts, to put advertisers' messages everywhere their key target customers are looking for what their business has to offer.
  • Online e-Sections — themed and targeted sections that are co-branded with your logo and information — can be customized to include local features, special offers, videos and photo galleries, which all work together to attract target audiences and increase overall site visitors.
  • Online e-Sections are synced to Metro's print Templated Special Sections, making it easier than ever to sell coordinated print and online ads.
  • Online e-Sections feature five key ad positions on each page for maximizing ad revenue opportunities, plus additional up-sell potential with photo galleries, videos and special offers.
  • Online e-Section ads become interactive and can lead to faster sales for your advertisers when linked to their company site or Specialty Website.
  • Advertiser ads, special offers, photo galleries and videos appear in all designated e-Sections, Marketplace Connection and the advertiser's Specialty Website through simple button clicks — set up advertisers once, and you can place them in any ad position or multiple e-Sections.
  • Sell advertisers different ads to appear in various e-Sections — great for campaigns or specifically targeted e-Section themes.
  • Specialty Websites — flexible, easy-to-customize sites that offer options for including and updating videos, photos, product or service details, special offers, locations, hours, social sharing and mapping features—are highly effective vehicles for both introducing consumers to advertisers' businesses and promoting their latest and greatest offerings.
  • Sell advertisers multiple Websites if they want different featured content and special offers.
  • Specialty Websites for your clients are designed not only to engage consumers and motivate them toward making purchases, but to enhance the image of their business, create customer loyalty and promote specific or seasonal products or services.
  • Specialty Websites can be updated in real-time in e-Connect's user-friendly CMS, are mobile-friendly and can be shared via social media.
  • e-Connect e-Sections and Specialty Websites are programmed for optimal recognition from all search engines with their multi-page, full Web site designs.
  • Ads and links throughout your site to current e-Sections, as well as support in print, are always a must for creating awareness and success for any ad-related program. With this in mind, we include a bonus e-Section called Marketplace Connection so you have an area on your site to highlight and promote all of your current e-Sections, advertisers, photo and video galleries and special offers. Think of it as your "Digital Billboard." 
  • Marketplace Connection is designed as a cross-promotional marketing vehicle, where all of the e-Connect features come together under one virtual roof. Here you can present and promote advertisers, e-Sections, Specialty Websites, special offers, timely photo galleries and videos in any order or combination.
  • Driving e-Connect is Metro's QRsite content management system (CMS), a fun, extremely user-friendly interface for entering/uploading advertiser information and, with just a few button clicks, apply that information to any or all of the three e-Connect components.
  • QRsite CMS automatically generates a QR code for every e-Section, Specialty Website and Marketplace page to use in print ads and promotions.
  • QRsite simplifies the process of tracking/managing advertiser ad activity.
  • QRsite marketing tools help you promote your e-Sections with the click of a mouse.
  • Metro e-Connect gives you the ability to connect online and mobile advertising with print products, making it simple for publications to sell themed multimedia promotional packages that include print ads — with or without QR codes — along with placement in e-Sections, Specialty Websites and Marketplace Connection.
  • e-Connect's Marketplace Connection, Specialty Websites and e-Sections help you make your Web site one of the most visited destinations for news and all other timely information and resources.
  • In today's rapidly changing environment, e-Connect delivers what you need to go out into the marketplace and prove that you have full-scale solutions for your customers' marketing and advertising needs.
  • While you have always been expert at knowing your markets, customers and communities, e-Connect gives you the resources to bring that knowledge together to help advertisers reach the right audience at the right time via the right media.
  • e-Connect arms you with a highly marketable, integrated, flexible, cost-effective print, online and mobile advertising solution to present to advertisers that want to connect with the consumers who are ready to buy their products or services.

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